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The Life She Was Given
The Life She Was Given

Coal River
Coal River -- Ellen Marie Wiseman

What She Left Behind
What She Left Behind -- Ellen Marie Wiseman

The Plum Tree
cover coming soon

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author photoBorn and raised in Three Mile Bay, a tiny hamlet in Northern New York, I discovered my love of reading and writing while attending first grade in one of the last one-room schoolhouses in the state. My first stories starred heroic horses and adventurous dogs, such as Becky the Black Horse and Buffy the Rabbit Hunter. I had a vivid imagination back then, imagining terrifying creatures around every corner, kidnappers, ghosts, vampires, monsters from the deep. One of my favorite things to do was walk to the general store to buy a nickel candy bar and a scary comic book. As a teenager I discovered the power of words reading Stephen King, Anne Rice, and Dean Koontz. I’ll never forget feeling goose bumps the first time I read Salem’s Lot! I read everything from paranormal to classic literature, and adore watching movies. I always thought my debut novel would have an element of paranormal or horror, but I guess you can’t get much more horrific than WWII and the Holocaust.

After getting married, raising two children, and working part-time as a bookkeeper, I decided to pursue my love of writing and never looked back. Having graduated from a tiny high school (400 students in K-12) I knew I had a lot to learn. After all, I'd never taken a creative writing course, there were no local writers’ groups, and I didn’t go to college. The only place I had to turn was the Internet. I will be forever thankful that my search led me to William Kowalski. He became my editor, teacher, mentor, and friend. His faith in my work bolstered me during difficult times and pushed me to believe in myself. With his gentle guidance and immeasurable knowledge of what it takes to be a storyteller, I learned the skills I needed to make my dream of becoming a published author come true. 

As a first generation American, I’ve traveled frequently to visit my family in Germany, where I fell in love with the country’s history and culture. My first trip overseas was an eleven-day journey by ship when I was two years old. Even now, Germany is like a fairy-tale to me, with its rolling hills, tidy orchards, sprawling vineyards, ancient castles, and delicious food, all set against a backdrop of church bells, cobblestone streets and stepped alleys.

I live peacefully on the shores of Lake Ontario with my husband, two spoiled Shih-Tzus, and a rescued yellow lab. I love to read, cook, garden, go to the Drive-ins, travel, and spend time with my grandchildren.


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